Essential Oil Infused Stitch Markers for Protection Against Moth Holes

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A set of handmade stitch markers: includes 4 closed ring stitch markers and 1 lobster clasp removable progress keeper. Each ring and progress keeper includes a porous lava bead that will have your choice of either lavender, vetiver, or cedarwood essential oils. Unscented is also available!*

The idea behind these stitch markers is not only to enhance your knitting practice with a pleasant scent, but also to curve some of the worry when packing a project away for any amount of time. All of the scent options are shown to ward off moths by disguising the scent of wool.

When the essential oils wear off, or if you choose the unscented option to add your own essential oils to, you can easily add your favorite essential oil by placing your stitch markers on a rag or paper towel and applying one drop onto each bead. Let them sit to soak in the oil, and then add them back onto your project.  If residual oil remains, make sure to dab it off.

The stitch markers fit comfortably on needles up to a size US 10.5/6.5 mm.

*The unscented option will not work against moths.

**While these essential oils have specifically been picked for their ability to mask the scent of wool from moths to keep them from laying eggs around your project, they are not 100% guaranteed to keep moths away and should used in conjunction with other prevention methods. For more information, click here.

**Essential oils should be kept away from pets.