Emtothethird Knitting Podcast | Episode 22: ALMOSTFALL

 Hi friends!

I'm currently sitting by our air conditioner as another thunderstorm is rolling in and it's humid as all heck. Past the whirr of the AC I can hear the muffled sounds of dishes and Kay reading the recipe they're following out loud to themself. We started getting a meal delivery kit so that they can make dinner 3x a week as I was beginning to feel very burnt out on quarantine cooking. Kay's skills in the kitchen have improved tenfold since we got together, and the meal kit gives them the confidence and guidance that makes the task of dinner less intimidating (and, dare I say, enjoyable).

I published another podcast episode yesterday and I hope you enjoy the projects I've been working on. What have you been eating and making lately?


Ooh! I gotta go! Dinner's ready!


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