Emtothethird Yarn Co. is a small business founded by Mckenzie, a talented and creative queer Latina. Mckenzie's passion for color, a farm to fiber ethos, and a family legacy of entrepreneurship inspired her to begin Emtothethird Yarn Co. as a platform to share her creativity with the fiber community.

Emtothethird Yarn Co. only dyes with natural dyes. Each skein is scoured, mordanted, and then finally dyed to ensure your yarn is colorfast and will not fade. Mckenzie dyes on a mix of custom-milled, non-superwash bases and commercially spun bases to introduce as many people as possible to the incredible palette of natural dyes.

In addition to yarn, Emtothethird Yarn Co. also offers a variety of stickers, project bags, and other goods featuring illustrations by Mckenzie. These illustrations are inspired by nature, her queer and Latinx identities, and of course, yarn!

You can also find Mckenzie on YouTube where she hosts the Emtothethird Knitting Podcast and Chisme & Knit.

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