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D20 Sticker Sheet + Kit

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This kit can be used to spark your creativity, use up random bits and bobs of stash yarn, and so much more. Last year I embarked on a random D20 sock project. I took 20 yarns and rolled a 20-sided dice to first pick which yarn I would use, and then again to determine how many rows of that color I would knit. I love my finished socks and realized I could use the method for any number of knitting projects: cowls, sweaters, mittens! The world is your oyster!

One of the most difficult (read: annoying) parts was keeping track of which yarn corresponded with which number, so I developed a sticker sheet to help with that. Whether you want to use 5 colors (may I recommend one of my mini sets?) or 20, you can take the corresponding numbers, place them on popsicle sticks and secure them into the center of a yarn cake and then roll your new D20 to create the random project of your dreams! 

I cannot wait to see what you make. And when you do begin your new project, please use the hashtag #M3D20KAL so I can see what you create!

- Sticker sheet with number combinations to use 4, 5, 10, or 20 different skeins of yarn
- A random 20-sided di
- 20 clear acrylic sticks (note: you need to remove a protective film on either side of the popsicle stick before use)
- A small bag to keep all your goodies together