D20 KAL Pt. 2: Finding a pattern!

Welcome to part 2 of the D20 KAL blog series! What is the D20 KAL? I'm going to send you back to part 1 to get acquainted with the idea. Now, part 2 is all about picking out the perfect pattern on which to implement a randomized color pattern. There are two important factors to consider when choosing your pattern: 1. what weight of yarn are you knitting with, and 2. what you want to knit! I've scoured Ravelry for patterns in fingering weight, DK weight, and worsted weight that I think lend themselves especially well to this technique.

Many of the patterns I'd consider as a foundation for the D20 KAL. What do I mean, well, you would follow the gauge & stitch counts all while implementing your own colors and possibly even textures. I also want to add, this list is merely a drop in the bucket for all the potential options you have! Get creative! I can't wait to see what you make! And scroll to the bottom for me to share the pattern I have chosen to knit!

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Any weight
Musselburgh (hat)
Litmus (cowl) free
Jelly Roll Blanket (blanket)* 

Scrappy Stripes (sweater)
Flax Light (sweater) free
Knitting For The Win (cowl) free
Sobras (socks) free
Sprocket Socks (socks)
Battenberg Blanket (blanket) free
Sockhead Slouch Hat (hat) free

Partner Pullover (sweater)
High Desert Socks (socks)
Leith (hat)
Granny Stripes (blanket)* free
100 X Simple (cowl) free

Flax (sweater) free
Leftovers (cowl) free
Rye (socks) free
Blanket of Joy (blanket) 

* indicates a crochet pattern

If you've been excited about the D20 KAL but not sure where to start, I really hope this list sparked some ideas for you! Stay tuned for part 3 where I will be discussing different ways to incorporate your multi-colored stripes! 

Last but not least, I'm excited to share with you my #M3D20KAL plans! As you may already know, since I'm an avid sock knitter most of the yarns I have in my stash are fingering weight. I've decided I'm going to hold two strands together to get a DK weight yarn and I'm going to be knitting Lydia Morrow's fabulous Partner Pullover. I will be neglecting the stranded colorwork motifs but use all the stitch counts and gauge to get me going! I'm so excited to get started and cannot wait to cast on with you all this Saturday, April 1st!

Part 3: How To Incorporate Stripes

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