I'm Starting a FASHION Channel!

 Long time no see! I've been busy planning some exciting new pieces of the Emtothethird Yarn Co. brand. Have you ever thought about doing something and knew that the fear and insecurity you felt meant that you HAD to do it? That's what starting a YouTube channel has felt like for me.

I've always admired all of the people who have knitting podcasts and thought I'd be a shoo-in for the type of personality that would thrive in front of the camera. I'm only about 88% sure that it's not because I grew up in LA. Ha! In lieu of the conversations happening in the knitting and slow fashion worlds regarding diversity, I found myself simultaneously angry at the lack of diversity in knitting podcasts and defeated by it. After having some conversations with friends and my partner, I decided I wanted to go for it. How would it be to see a fat, queer, Chicanx woman hosting a knitting podcast!?

If I wasn't going to do it, then who!? I will be releasing one video a week for the foreseeable future and I would be HONORED if you'd like, comment, and subscribe! Let me know what you think and let me know what you want to hear! I will be putting together a Q&A video in the coming weeks and encourage you to leave any questions you want to ask in the comments below!


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