Ebbing and flowing is so natural I can't in good conscience claim that it's an essential part of human nature as it is an essential. part. of. nature. Period. As inherent as the tide pulls away from and then towards the ocean, humans (i.e. you & me) go through phases of life where we don't finish a knitting project for 3 months, and then one day BAM! Two cast-off projects in ONE. NIGHT. I surfaced recently from an ebb that was preventing me from feeling confident about this little ol' venture here.  But I'm back, I feel ready, and I hope that my pep inspires you.

As you may have seen on Instagram, I'm going to be selling One-Of-A-Kind skeins at my LYS, JP Knit & Stitch. I've been working there since I moved to Boston and have been lucky enough to remain even as the keys to the store changed hands. Under new ownership we've been able to plan some exciting curriculum for knitters and seamsters alike (I prefer "seamster" to "sewer" because it is easy to confuse the latter with sewage...)!

This adorable sweater is the Spotlight by Tincanknits in the 6-12mo size.  The yarn is a special base that will be available only at JP Knit & Stitch.  A worsted, single-ply merino in One-Of-A-Kind colors creates a wonderful opportunity to mix and match for a yoked sweater or other small colorwork projects.  Come in Friday, August 17th to see the exclusive colors and grab a skein or two for yourself.

In the meantime, I'll be over here thanking my brain for pulling me out of this lull and basking in the creative energy that's been driving me for the last couple weeks.  Because, you know, sometimes you gotta like yourself and be able to steep in your own awesomeness.  Try it sometime.

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